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Clapton Fox Trilogy

Clapton Fox Trilogy

Ben Lankester

We created a trilogy of music videos for East London collective Clapton Fox’s debut album Amazing Thunderstorm.

Given creative freedom to interpret the tracks as we wished, what followed were three very different narratives told using various formats.

Scan Brown Mink

The first promo was shot in Dalston and Clapton in East London. Using a combination of Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 7D and 35mm still photography shot on an Olympus OM-1, much of the video was created on the day, asking market sellers and street dwellers for their cooperation. We used heavy grain effects to lend the finished video a timeless aesthetic.

Dear Dead Friends

Shot entirely on Super 16mm film using an old Scoopic 16M camera, Dear Dead Friends was an exercise in capturing the atmosphere of the track alongside an effective studio performance. The video was shot at Stoke Newington cemetery and in an East London recording studio, with shots of the fox picked up by chance in another cemetery in Portslade, West Sussex. It was a joy to only have a certain number of rolls of film to play with, and only a limited number of rolls to cut.


Saving the best for last, we decided to shoot the third instalment of the trilogy in Marrakech, Morocco. Again combining the Canon 5D MkII and 7D cameras and with a crew of just two, we rode our luck in the city's famous square, getting brought in by the local police for parading dead chickens around, and using data recovery to retrieve our deleted cards. From our central riad to the famous Atlas Mountains, we journeyed all over the city to create a dark tale of writer's block and the demons that such pursuits create.