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England Your England

England Your England


Matt Hopkins

England Your England is an ongoing documentary series showcasing powerful stories from real people across the UK.

The project aims to present the diversity of personal stories that define us as individuals, communities and as a nation.

The Background

This series, our first at Progress, was born out of a desire to tell stories from a personal perspective whilst experimenting with an independent distribution method, allowing the series to reach as many viewers as possible.

Our characters were mostly people we had already met during previous filming projects who we felt had extraordinary stories to tell. With a relationship of trust already in place, we could step straight into production with each of our subjects.

The Journey

Patience is the key to shooting a series like this. We spent a lot of time with our subjects, understanding their journey whilst picking the camera up at opportune moments to capture them in their everyday situation.

As the series has grown, we’ve met characters from all walks of life. Ex-offenders, working homeless, squatters and artists; the collection now represents a diverse subsection of British society at its most honest.

The Outcome

Upon launch, the series garnered an immediate loyal fan base online, built around a vocal group of followers on Vimeo who responded to the films immediately.

Building from this, the films have been screened at film festivals all over the world and have been broadcast on Channel 4 and London Live.

Looking forward, the series is to be built further, with the possibility of interactive elements building into an England Your England feature.