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Lost But Not Forgotten

Lost But Not Forgotten


Across the UK lie hidden spaces, remote landscapes and mysterious figures that have, for years, remained unknown. Wearied by time, their stories have gone untold. Until now.

Our independent series Lost But Not Forgotten shines a light on a host of unique and compelling stories that share the common themes of memory, time and loss.

Episode 1 - Forgotten Coast

A poetic exploration of the Isle of Wight’s South West coastline, where coastal erosion and constant landslips have left abandoned towns and decaying holiday villages. Once home to Alfred Lord Tennyson, his poem 'Nothing Will Die' serves to highlight the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth along the coast.

Episode 2 - In the Shadow of the Mountain

This conceptual film explores the decline of rural agricultural communities in North Wales. Featuring the work of Welsh poet, R. S. Thomas, the film champions the work of the National Trust and Wales YFC. Each year, their Llyndy Isaf Scholarship gives a young farmer the opportunity to manage the Llyndy Isaf Estate in the heart of Snowdonia, encouraging the transference of knowledge, the protection of the local environment and the conservation of an integral part of Welsh heritage.

Episode 3 - Living Under Spaghetti

Look below the intertwining lanes and bustling traffic of Birmingham's Spaghetti Junction and you'll find a hidden community, quietly going about their lives while the chaos of the junction roars above. We venture below, meeting the people who live their lives under the junction and revealing what life is like beneath the city’s business transport route.