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Suede – For The Strangers

Suede – For The Strangers

Ben Lankester

Commissioned by Quietus Management, we produced a very special video for 90s indie legends Suede for their epic comeback gig at Alexandra Palace in London.

The Shoot

This was a very challenging shoot from the outset. We had to manoeuvre around what was first and foremost a monumental ‘comeback' gig. The success of the gig itself was both the band and the production team’s focus - the resulting video was merely a bonus.

The Setup

Our six camera operators were assigned positions - one at the back, two in the crowd, two in the pit and one on the stage. Though our operator on stage was restricted to a position behind Brett Anderson, this allowed what might be the video’s defining image, of Brett on his knees before his adoring audience. We always knew we wanted this to be in black and white, attempting to create a classic, timeless visual aesthetic.

The Edit

Additional moments from the gig allowed us in the edit to do an enormous amount of cheating with our footage. “For The Strangers” was a brand new song, so we had to take tiny slow motion moments from the other, more popular songs and use these snippets in our cut, even going so far as to cheat members of the audience lip syncing to the lyrics of our song when they were actually singing along to the lyrics of others.

The Release

Upon release, the video garnered high praise across the usual outlets such as Promo News. In the press, The Guardian wrote, “the video is an emotional slice of screaming fans and sweating men shot in black and white, while avoiding any schmaltzy tour video clichés by cutting out those poignant backstage pre- gig group-hugs”.