Public Service Day

For the last two years we have devised a creative approach and produced two campaigns to celebrate Public Service Day.

Commissioned by public service membership club Boundless, these films would honour the everyday heroes working in the public sector.

The first of these campaings, 'In Their Hands', was a series of short documentaries made to showcase the life-changing impact that those in the public sector have on the lives of people across the UK.

The second campaign no one would see coming. Public Service Day is a relatively small event unheard of by many. In 2020 that would all change as key workers finally took centre stage. A global health crisis caused the world to grind to a halt, creating a unique and challenging time for us all, but especially the public service. Everyday people such as teachers, nurses, doctors and even bin men were thrust onto the front line of crisis. Whilst the vast majority of the population endured a level of lockdown never experienced before, the public service had to keep our country moving. We proudly devised a new film that would pay tribute to these everyday heroes.

With logistical restrictions in place we formulated a creative that would be risk adverse, achievable and, most importantly, would cut through the noise of so many Covid-19 user generated brand-films populating the conversation. Using emotive portraiture as the cornerstone of the concept, we set about capturing the public servants in their place of work with a skeleton crew and strict social distancing rules in place. We also enlisted a collection of public servants and our own network to capture phone footage from the front line, providing an opportunity for an authentic look behind the curtain. We wanted to show the whole range of workers, from the air ambulance teams right through to those working behind the scenes in public administration roles.

As the nation clapped for the NHS each Thursday, the importance of this message of thanks was not lost on us. To do justice to the integrity of the project, we commissioned the use of former Poet Laureate Charles Causley’s ‘I am the Song’, its lyrics perfectly summing up the magnitude of this unique moment in time.


For this project we commissioned a range of photographers who could, working solo, capture a range of key workers during the pandemic as they went about their daily work.

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