The Brick Kilns of Pakistan VR

Brooke works to improve the welfare of animals in some of the most trecherous working environments in the world.

With thick dust, temperatures of up to 50°C (122°F) and very little shade, the brick kilns of Pakistan are particuarly harsh, with animals suffering from breathing problems, injuries and malnutrition. The families that own and rely on these animals are often in bonded labour and have little access to vets, farriers or first aid.

Created in collaboration with our friends at Visualise, this 360° film tells the story of a young family living and working in kilns, placing viewers at the heart of the relentless working environment. Focusing on a young family, the film is part documentary, part VR experience, immersing the audience in the painful reality of their situation and showing the vital work that Brooke do.

 You can watch the full VR film here.

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