The Possibilities of Honey

Director Ben Lankester joins with Idea Farmer and KitchenAid to tell the Great American Honey Story.

Working with our friends and Californian pioneers Idea Farmer, 'The Possibilities of Honey' is a pilot for a new documentary series for KitchenAid's Stories platform.

This is a story that dates back 100 million years and one that is told across three seemingly disparate locations around the United States. It's an expedition honoring ancient traditions, but also a celebration of the art, the process and the opportunities created by a single ingredient: honey.

This story contains three chapters, each marking our journey across the country where we discovered some of the incredible possibilities created by honey – from migratory beekeeping in Hawaii to honey blending in Colorado and finally to mead making in California. We would meet three groups of passionate makers whose unique talents transcend the kitchen, their work and their stories instructing us all about the power of nature – the possibility it produces and the reverence it deserves.

Visit the KitchenAid website for a long-read about the making of the film from director Ben Lankester.

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