Net Aware

In 2019, Net Aware was launched. Combining O2’s tech know-how and the NSPCC’s expertise. 

The brand new website was developed to inform and educate parents on how to protect their children as they navigate an ever-changing digital world. Progress was challenged to develop an entire hub of bite-sized content films for time-poor parents. To answer the challenges within the brief, we developed a creative approach that blended both the authenticity of a digitally active child with the hidden vulnerability that all parents are trying to protect.


This direction was delivered via presenter-led live action footage accompanied by line-drawn animation with an innocent, child like feel. Given that social media is an ever changing landscape, our approach offered flexibility to ensure we had the ability to make alterations in line with any future changes on a wider or individual app scale. With films for  individual social media apps as well as general online safety, each video was designed to feature on the main website in a 16:9 ratio as well as launched via social channels in both 1:1 and 9:16 ratios.

Shooting over one week at a green screen studio, we captured all of our informative live action content, directing both our children and adult ‘Guru’ to relay the information with a human touch. Back at Progress HQ our animation team illustrated hundreds of ‘child like’ assets made to be suitable for children and adults alike.

Keeping all post production in-house, within 8 weeks from project sign off to delivery, we produced over 138 deliverables in three different formats in time for the grand launch of this flagship partnership.

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