Southern Water

The Unflushables

Covering five counties, Southern Water is one of the UK’s largest utilities companies.

One thing high on the agenda at Southern Water is FOGU (fat, oil, grease and unflushables) due to their massive impact on the water network. In order to reduce the number of infrastructure crippling blockages and damage to the environment caused by these items, we were tasked with bringing to life their initial concept of 'The Unflushables' - a set of recognisable characters who would educate viewers about what is and isn’t flushable.

The first instalment was so popular that it was quickly followed by a second episode: 'The Unflushables Assemble', which introduced more unflushable villains threatening to rule the sewage system. Combining live action footage with claymation, 70s-style bunkers, miniature Thunderbirds themed lairs and pyrotechnics, the film takes an alternative approach to raise awareness of the objects plaguing our sewers, resulting in an explosive finish.

In collaboration with their in-house design team and our AR partners, we would go on to also produce a gaming app for consumers and the Southern Water roadshow team to use when mobile.

'The Unflushables' campaign would go on to win Gold at the CIPR Pride Awards.

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