A Story About Upgrading the World

The world’s leading consumer review website is on a mission to upgrade the world. 

Across 11 shoot days, four countries and three continents, we shared the stories of Trustpilot contributors and staff to highlight how the platform are working to revolutionise the world of online reviews. As the key output of their rebrand, we worked closely with the brand team to showcase the Trustpilot platform, their people and their ethos.

With trust and authenticity at the heart of everything Trustpilot do, it was important we approached the project in an equally honest fashion. We set about searching for real people and real stories from across the globe, holding international Skype casting sessions to shortlist a global ensemble of staff, customers and businesses and weave a shared vision of trust in a turbulent world. Shooting first in Stockholm, our crew then travelled to Copenhagen, Detroit and back to London before bringing the project back home to the edit suite in Brighton where we brought the story together. A far stretch from the usual corporate output, the film shines a light on a positively human company trying to upgrade the world.

Trustpilot staged a film screening at each of their 5 global offices, premiering the hero film to their 1000+ staff. Making the most of the opportunities with each of the contributors, we used our 11 shoot days to also shoot a B2B version, 3 business focused case studies and various social media cut downs (all of which translated into 8 languages), to be seeded out by the brand over the course of the following 6 months.

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