Aftershock VR

Two earthquakes. One lifeline. One man’s remarkable journey. This is Nepal’s untold water story, immersively told in VR 360°.

In 2015, Nepal experienced two earthquakes, bringing devastation to the region. A year on, our 360° film - produced in collaboration with WaterAid and funded by HSBC’s Water Programme - brought the extensive rebuilding project into the homes of a global audience. See below for the trailer, or click here to enjoy the full VR 360° experience.

Viewable through custom made cardboard headsets, our film placed the viewer in the heart of Kharelthok, one of the villages most affected by the earthquakes. Following Krishna, the plumber leading the recovery process, our narrative showcased the sizeable task at hand and the daily obstacles villagers are facing to survive. As the district's only plumber, Krishna is responsible for getting clean, safe water to Kharelthok. But he's not working alone. Our film allows viewers to meet a whole host of residents and visitors determined to transform the lives of those affected by these devastating earthquakes.

From battling the Nepalese heat constantly over heating our cameras to climbing trees to get the best vantage, we spent ten days capturing the villagers at work. Using both visual and audio cues, our film highlighted the struggles of the Kharelthok community in a truly immersive way.

Launching in September 2016, Aftershock played at film festivals across the world. With a number of awards already won, the film has also been shortlisted in the Charity Film Awards.

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