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'Find Your Amazing' - a worldwide adventure to some of the most beautiful places on earth...

Spanning four years, we created a series of destination and hotel films for our friends at Kuoni, focusing on the 'amazing' moments that only travel can create.


Crystal waters lapping the shore, white sands underfoot, blazing sun radiating above. Scattered over a small section of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a tropical utopia. Shot over eight days, we immersed ourselves in island life, capturing the unique beauty, underwater wildlife and fastidious luxury that provides the Maldives with its distinct character.


Stirring landscapes, abundant wildlife, snow capped mountains. Kenya creates wanderlust like no other place. In just 6 days we travelled over 1500km, shooting a mix of wildlife, landscape vistas and micro moments, experiencing a first hand view of an incredible country, its warm people and remarkable soul.


Italy is a distinct country, the illustrious cities, roaming countryside and world-renowned cuisine just some of the highlights. Best discovered from within, we embarked on a country-long road trip across the famous boot, capturing the people, places and traditions that grant Italy its special aura.


The Caribbean is one of the world’s most sought after destinations, promising crystal clear waters, tranquil beach settings and welcoming local communities. This trip was a series of island hops, travelling across Antigua, Barbados and St Lucia over a two week period, exploring each island and experiencing the unique attributes that give each their unique charm.


Cloud topped mountains, divergent wildlife, a rich history. Sri Lanka has it all. Here, we shot over nine days on the South-Asian island. Mixing with spirited Sri Lankans, sampling the region’s vibrant culture and capturing the land’s vast array of animals, it was a trip like no other.

'Find Your Amazing' is a series that captured the hearts of all of us at Progress, a project that allowed us to use all the talents at our disposal to create beautiful films with an incredible sense of place.

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