Land Rover  -  Onelife Series

Sub-zero temperatures, villages deep in the mountains of Europe, hotels sculpted out of nothing but ice, the Northern Lights…

Join us on a journey to discover the raw beauty of the world's most remote destinations for a series of films for Land's Rover's Onelife magazine.


We travelled to the remote village of Theth in the Accursed Mountains of Nothern Albania with the Land Rover Discovery. We braved freezing conditions to create an intimate portrait of this remote corner of Europe and its inhabitants.

An Arctic Journey

Told in three parts, An Arctic Journey is a pilgrimage across the Arctic Circle, through Norway, Sweden and Finland. The Range Rover Sport SVR explores this ice-locked world, across frontiers, through mountain ranges and vast forests, in search of the elusive Northern Lights.

The Faroe Islands

We created a set of technical films with Land Rover Experience Instructor Moi Torrallardona, showing the capabilities of Land Rover's New Discovery Sport.

The films accompanied the release of Land Rover's stunning bi-monthly Onelife magazine, with long-read editorial pieces encouraging a deeper look behind the scenes which the films provided.

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