Original Series  -  Lost But Not Forgotten

'Lost But Not Forgotten' is a series of short films that shine a light on stories sharing the themes of memory, time and loss. 

Despite a focus on the past, the project retains a contemporary edge, with each instalment exploring a topic of enduring cultural significance. We wanted to create a visually arresting series that had captivating storytelling at its heart. To do this, each film utilises aerial cinematography, enabling us to showcase breath-taking landscapes from a truly unique perspective.

Episode 1 - 'Forgotten Coast'

'Forgotten Coast' is a poetic exploration of the Isle of Wight’s South West coastline where erosion and constant landslips have left abandoned towns and decaying holiday villages. Once home to Alfred Lord Tennyson, his poem 'Nothing Will Die' serves to highlight the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth along this famous location.


Snowdonia has seen a sharp reduction in the number of people working the land over the last 50 years, as international competition, rural urban migration and the harsh conditions of North Wales' countryside have made farming less attractive for new generations. Featuring the work of Welsh poet R.S Thomas, this film champions the work of the National Trust and The Wales Federation of Young Farmers Clubs.

Each year, their Llyndy Isaf Scholarship gives a young farmer the opportunity to manage the Llyndy Isaf Estate in the heart of Snowdonia, encouraging the transference of knowledge, the protection of the local environment and the conservation of an integral part of the Welsh heritage.

Episode 3 - 'Living Under Spaghetti'

Look below the intertwining lanes and bustling traffic of Birmingham's Spaghetti Junction and you'll find a hidden community, quietly going about their lives while the chaos of the road roars above. The third instalment of Lost But Not Forgotten journeys below, meeting the people who reside under the junction, shedding light on the realities of life beneath the city's busiest transport route.


The final film of the series moves from documentary to narrative, telling the story of a small archipelago off the west coast of Scotland, once the most remotely inhabited part of the UK. In 1930 the population of St Kilda were forced to evacuate their island home, never to return. Now in his old age, the last of the St Kildans laments the idyllic island - the only home he has ever known and the way of life that was lost all those years ago.

'Lost But Not Forgotten' - the series' self-titled final film - was recognised at multiple film festivals, including the Edinburgh Independent Film Awards were it won the Best Short Film prize.

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