Short Film  -  More of the Same Tomorrow

'More of the Same Tomorrow' is an independent essay film spearheaded by filmmaker Ben Lankester and Swedish artist David Hedberg.

The film tells the story of a commuter’s desire to escape the routine and monotony of the everyday. Deciding to take time into his own hands, our hero begins a spiritual pilgrimage across a timeless city.

Attempting to bridge the gap between music video and short film, our aim was to tell a single story that would accompany the new five-song EP from East London musical collective Clapton Fox. What began as an idea to shoot a narrative video in the band's hometown of Warsaw quickly escalated into an experimental and frighteningly ambitious journey into the unknown. Filmed across a week in Warsaw in the middle of winter with an additional studio day back in London, 'More of the Same Tomorrow' emerged from the rubble of a true filmmaking odyssey.

Ultimately, what we hoped to create was an essay film on time and routine and progress and destiny, revealing the ever-present, all-destructive nature of the ticking clock, how it continues and passes by, how it is impossible to shed.

Director Ben Lankester writes about The Benefits of Independent Projects on Little Black Book.

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