Land Rover Discovery  -  The Isle of Skye

“Spending time in the Landscape is essential for anyone. It can be extremely therapeutic and calming, but also it can be inspiring.”

Director Matt Hopkins journeyed to the Isle of Skye with Land Rover to tell the story of photographer Julian Calverley as he uncovered his solitute inspired process in the January cold.

Having previously worked alongside Julian on assignment in the Faroe Islands, we knew he had an instinctive ability for finding and capturing epic landscapes, so the visual majesty of the piece always felt like a true collaboration. We also knew that he would always seek out dramatic weather, so we spent most of the shoot batting the elements to create a film which did his aesthetic justice.


As part of the collaboration, Julian showcased his incredible ability to delicately balance his control over light, colour palette and composition, with a collection of stunningly cineamtic images of the Land Rover Discovery amongst the Skye landscape for Onelife Magazine.

Shooting on an Alpa camera, and mixing the brooding grey skies and rich warm colours of the Scottish winter landscape, Julian's images were perfectly complemented by the Discovery’s colour, Namib Orange.

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