Black Lives Matter  -  Wake Up

'WAKE UP' demands people realise that Black Lives Matter is a movement, not a moment. 

Fusing powerful spoken word poetry with punctuating glimpses of real news clips and mobile phone footage, 'WAKE UP' is a powerful reminder to us all that Black Lives Matter is more than just a trending hashtag.


Expressed directly to camera with unflinching honesty, AFLO. the poet and Priss Nash take us on an emotional journey through the peaks and troughs of hope and frustration that are felt when people finally start paying attention, only to lose focus once the moment has passed. Directed by Sam Parish-Rookes and shot in our own Brighton Studio with a crew of just two, 'WAKE UP' is a startling display of impassioned creativity. Although being an incredibly current message, the majority of the film was captured in black & white to establish a timeless tone and acknowledge the history of this fight.

The clarity of the black and white imagery is painfully contrasted with colourful bursts of violence exploding in quick cuts. These authentic moments of suffering are abrasive and jarring, lurching the audience into the alarming hatred and inequality experienced by the black community. 

Shared widely on its release in August, the film was awarded a Staff Pick on Vimeo and selected for the European shortlist for the 2020 Immortal Awards.

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