BBC StoryWorks  -  The Global Energy Transition

Matt Hopkins Directs a 3 part series for BBC StoryWorks on the subject of the Global Energy Transition to be shown at COP 28 in Abu Dhabi.

Shot on location at Noor Energy 1, the world’s largest single site concentrated solar plant as well as Virtual Production studio Fractal, capturing a range of immersive footage which focus on the possibilities but also associated challenges of the transition.

The global energy transition is something that needs to be implemented before time runs time runs out and irreversible damage is done. But what is the global energy transition and how can it be implemented at the scale and speed required? This film explored the reality of the transition, focusing on the energy trilemma, as well as ACWA's very own quadrilemma.

This film focuses on the challenges of water scarcity - a huge issue for arid climate countries and something which is set to become a wider challenge with global warming.   It presents water desalination as an option for water security while looking at some of the negative effects that the technology can bring.

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