Global Climate Strike  -  I'm Scared

As part of the advertising industry’s Create and Strike movement, we prepared to document the history-making first Global Climate Strike on 20th September 2019.

At Progress we have a long history of creating films with a social conscience. We were one of the first to sign our names up to Create and Strike and contribute in the best way we knew how, diving into the crowds of Brighton with all the filmmaking tools at our disposal. The resulting documentary portrays the thoughts and feelings of the young protestors determined to effect meaningful change, delivering a poignant, emotive message from the perspective of those who will inherit this earth.

‘I’m Scared’ was shot, edited and released on a single day. We harnessed our uniquely Progress way of working collaboratively, sending our whole team out to capture soundbites, visuals, drone shots and portrait photography of the largest young person’s strike in history.

The finished film was featured in Campaign magazine and shared by the Green Party, Extinction Rebellion and screened at the London Climate Change Festival. We're proud to have played our part in the Create and Strike movement.

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