Shelter  -  When I Grow Up

“When I grow up I want a house of my own…”

With the 2015 General Election looming, national housing charity Shelter came to us with an open brief. Their aim was to raise awareness of the housing crisis in the UK, encouraging the public to ask politicians to build more affordable homes.  Matt Hopkins delivers this hard hitting spot in response.

Basing our concept on the dreams of young people, our narrative is told through the drawings, paintings and images of houses they’d hope to live in upon growing up. With the drawings increasing in quality, the outlook and expectation of older artists lessens, revealing the harsh reality of the current housing situation.

Authenticity was key to the process of making this film and we worked closely with Shelter to cast real families who had used the charity's services in the past and the creative was grounded in real voices, young and old, rather than narration. We always wanted the final line of the film to be voiced by the youngest character to give the film a poignant edge, something that 4-year-old Lilly delivered beautifully after some patient encouragement.

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