KitchenAid  -  The Possibilities of Honey

Director Ben Lankester joins with Idea Farmer and KitchenAid to tell the Great American Honey Story.

'The Possibilities of Honey' is a new documentary series for KitchenAid's Stories platform. The central pilot episode is joined by three mini documentaries following the honey-driven processes of three passionate makers, from migratory beekeeping on the island of Hawaii, to honey blending in Colorado, and finally to mead making in Northern California.

The series trailer below gives a flavour of the project.

Here is the full film, an odyssey across the US with KitchenAid to explore The Possibilites of Honey.

The Rare Hawaiian Honey Co.

We explored the island of Kona, Hawaii with beekeeper and honey-maker Michael Domeier. No matter the subject or challenge at hand, what sets Michael apart is his thirst for new experiences, his love of nature and his desire to never stop learning or growing.

Michael takes us on a tour of the Big Island, from one stunning Hawaiian location to another. We go from the dry, desert-like terrain of the Kiawe forest to the lush green fields surrounding the honey house and, finally, to his and his wife Amy’s home, a beautiful residence overlooking Kona airport to the west, where every evening the two of them sit with a pot of honey and the odd glass of wine to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

Local Hive Honey

Local Hive CEO Tony Landretti gives us a tour of his incredible honey-making factory in Greeley, Colorado. Local Hive is one big extended family of passionate makers, a meticulous human-crafted operation that begins each day with a morale-boosting team high five and ends with the bottling and boxing of blended honey sourced from over 200 beekeepers around the United States.

Ultimately for Tony, it’s all about the process of making and the joy this brings others. “When you get feedback from consumers and they compliment us on the things we’re doing, helping educate people and giving back in the community, for me personally that is what I find very rewarding”.


Mead-maker Gordon Hull describes the magic of Northern California and how it feeds his passion for making. Gordon’s lifestyle is that of a true American maker; a committed and humble Californian creative whose connection to nature and the world around him feeds directly into his profession and the process by which he provides for himself and his family.

As Gordon himself puts it, the diversity of the country’s flower species serves as Heidrun’s palette, with winemaking as its canvas. For Gordon, the natural world and creativity come hand in hand. You simply cannot have one without 
the other.

'The Possibilities of Honey' was a magical journey across the United States with Idea Farmer and KitchenAid. The shoot of a lifetime.

Visit the KitchenAid website for a long-read about the making of the film from director Ben Lankester.

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