Cetraben  -  Dry Skin, We're Coming For You

Pharmaceutical brand Cetraben sought to launch their new product range through a daring campaign.

'Dry Skin, We're Coming For You' serves as a rallying cry, empowering customers to embrace a life free from dry skin.

Collaborating with agency partners Twelve, we orchestrated a 360-degree campaign that encompassed TV, digital, and out-of-home advertising. At the heart of this initiative was the TV commercial, which skilfully blended grit and authenticity while highlighting the product's benefits. Under the direction of Ben Lankester, we told three relatable stories of individuals struggling with dry skin, capturing their discomfort through evocative and sensory film techniques.

The photographic approach we employed married the bold and direct style of the TVC with intimate close-up portraits. These portraits stared right into the viewer's eyes, creating a powerful and resonant connection.

The campaign succeeded in empowering people to take charge of their skin health and reject the discomfort of dry skin, all while introducing Cetraben's new product range with impact and authenticity.

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