City Index  -  Trusted by Traders

Celebrating 40 years of City Index, 'Trusted by Traders' honours the company's rich past while embracing the boundless possibilities for the future.

Directed by Matt Hopkins, this fast-paced journey seamlessly blends archival footage, dynamic motion graphics and captivating present-day action, revealing the storied heritage of City Index alongside their unparalleled product offerings.

Tradition vs Modernity

Our vision was to juxtapose the serene and contemporary trading experience offered by City Index with the chaos and intensity traditionally associated with stock market trading. To achieve this, we embarked on a dynamic 'journey through time', using a plethora of footage styles and formats that vividly capture these distinct worlds.

The challenge lay in seamlessly integrating the City Index product and platforms into the film, ensuring an engaging and immersive experience for our audience. To overcome this, we harnessed the power of animation and motion graphics, showcasing the technical precision of the tools at your disposal.

As City Index were celebrating 40 years of trading, they were also driving an explosive new rebrand. With a refreshing new tone it was essential for us to capture a range of stills with our hero actor to be utilised across multiple digital touch points.

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