Fridays  -  Show Your Stripes

TGI Friday's' bold new rebrand is more than just dropping the ‘TGI’.

To help shift perceptions and raise awareness, we worked alongside agency partner Boldspace to deliver a film campaign that amplifies the cocktail bar’s new mantra 'Show Your Stripes' - a suite of films packed with personality and spanning multiple digital channels.


To realise these anthemic films everything started with casting. We needed real people and real stories. Characters who live and breathe the stripes mantra of the Fridays brand.

Embracing a documentary casting approach within the fashion, music and creative spaces as well as using our existing networks, social media outreach, community groups and even the odd bit of street casting, we trawled the nation to find not any old stripes, but extraordinary stripes.


We devised a multi-day shoot at our Brighton based studio and Friday’s flag ship bar in Chelmsford. Within our studio each character had a unique set built around their own stripes, a distinctive version of their unique personality.

Through all the stories we implemented a variety of stylistic choices to express the depth of our characters and their stripes. Rich cinematic visuals were complemented with Mini DV footage, delivering contrast and a sense of digital grittiness and a lo-fi honesty. We also curated a pallet of UGC to further express the authenticity of each character and their back story.


From a series of conversations and interviews we enabled our heroes to tell their own stories with playful authenticity.


Our campaign embraced photography as a medium both creatively and practically, an agile campaign that delivered Fridays with a wealth of content to drive the success of their rebrand.

Our climatic scenes in the new bar were predominantly shot via stills photography and edited into photo montages akin to paparazzi capturing celebs in the wild, all with the aim of underpinning the eclectic and vibrant visuals that were the true voices of our characters. 

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